Nanuk Nano 310 Hard Case Review

Hey, guys, this is David from Hard Cases, let me show the Nanuk Nano 310.

Alright, here I have the Nanuk Nano 310 which is the smallest case we have in the Nanuk line. This case is good for traveling.

Nanuk Nano 310 - Smallest Case

If you're on a production and you wanna hide some SD cards in this and anything the needs protection from the bad weather.

Nanuk Nano 310 Orange

This is a great little case that fits in the bag. It can also be carried around you because there's like hooks here on each side. You can put in on the belt. You also have the wristband right here that can go around your wrist.

Nanuk Nano 310 With Strap

And then this case is water-resistant. I wouldn't take it all the way in the water but I mean, technically it's gonna be fine but you have to be careful.

Nanuk Nano 310 Water-Resistant
You don't wanna dip it in there in the water and leave it there for hours because the water might start leaking inside. There is still a seal inside the case but its water-resistant.

Nanuk Nano 310 Power Claw Latches
What's good about this case is that, its got our special power claw latch so the power claw latch here on these little nano cases of push and then you pull it out.

Nanuk Nano 310 Power Latches

It's kind of a two-step thing. So again, you push that button and then pull it out from the back here.

Nanuk Nano 310 Silicone Bottom
So inside, you will find some nice silicone at the bottom here. So if you put something that's kind of fragile in there, it won't damage it.

Nanuk Nano 310 Silicone Webbing

You also have this silicon webbing here so you can place cables in the back and any other cards or money that you don't want to overfill inside the bottom of the case here.

Nanuk Nano 310 in Orange Transparent
That's pretty much it for this case. This one is an orange transparent version. We have other colors, we have red, transparent. We have black, white, blue, purple.

Check on the website, you'll see there's a ton of other colors for these cases. So they are great for gifts and then they're also like I said, great for traveling so the whole family can have one of those to protect their personals.