Nanuk Nano 320 Hard Case Review

Hey guys, this is David from Hard Cases, let me show you the Nanuk Nano 320.

This is the second smallest case after the 310. It also comes with the wrist strap that you can have around your wrist, around here.

Nanuk Nano 320 in Blue

You can also take this on a boat, you can take this camping, or anything related to survival kits. Survival kits like bandages or scissors or things you don't wanna get wet.

Nanuk Nano 320 Wrist Strap

It's actually not fully waterproof but it is water-resistant, so there is a seal inside the case that keeps the water away.

Nanuk Nano 320 Shockproof

It also has some really nice shockproof and bumper shots here in the corner so if you drop the case, it is not gonna crack.

Nanuk Nano 320

So, unless you drop it or keep it underwater, there shouldn't be any problems or any water coming in here.

Nanuk Nano 320 Belt Attachment


The case also has two little attachments on these sides so you could tie it up to a belt or a system if you prefer to walk around with it instead of having the case just dangling like this.

Nanuk Nano 320 with belt

You can just tie it up around your waist like this. What's good with this Nano case is that it has our power claw system which is a two-step like push on the bottom and then lifts up underneath.

Nanuk Nano 320 Power Latches

Again if it dropped on the ground, this case won't just open up. It really has to be pushed down and lifted up. Once you open the case, you will see there is silicone on both sides.

Nanuk Nano 320 Silicone Webbing

There is actually a webbing on this side so you can arrange things and put them so that they don't move inside the case, like cables.

 Nanuk Nano 320 Case

You also have a silicone at the bottom here which is nice because it keeps everything from hitting the plastic.

 Nanuk Nano 320 Side View

So this case is in blue right now. There are tons of other colors like red, black, white, orange and purple.

Check on the website and you'll see all of the colors. These are great for gifts, even company gifts. You can have your logo printed on that. So check it online.