Nanuk Nano 330 Hard Case Review

Hey, guys, this is David from Hard Cases. Let me show you the Nanuk Nano 330.

This is the largest of the small nano cases, third one from the Nanuk line. This case will fit an iPhone plus S which I have and it fits perfectly in there.

Nanuk Nano 330 Hard Case

You can have the phone, you can have other accessories like cables and things that you usually carry around with your phone.

Nanuk Nano 330 in Lime

Maybe it is a small kit if you are doing a video with your phone. It's fun to carry everything around in that case.

Nanuk Nano 330 Wrist Strap

It also has that wrist strap that you can have around your wrist or you can attach to a bag. It's also a good little anti-theft.

Nanuk Nano 330 Attachment for Belt

You have the attachments on each side of the case like that. So you can tie those up to a belt if you have one or to a bag.

Nanuk Nano 330 Power Claw

This case also has the super power-claw latch that you can see here. It's a two-step system. It's a push and pull.

Nanuk Nano 330 Hard Case Interior

So if you open the case, as you can see here, I have a Sony battery charger, I got an extra battery here and I got a battery pack in there. These all fit nicely, you still have some space for other extra items.

Like I said, an iPhone plus will fit in this size here. The case has this water seal around here.

Nanuk Nano 330 Hard Case

It's a water-resistant case, so just make sure you don't leave that case under water. You should be fine with it. So any rain or mud or snow, it's all gonna be fine, nothing is gonna come in the case.

Nanuk Nano 330 Hard Case Water Seal

The case has this silicone little net here that keeps things apart and tied up in here.

Nanuk Nano 330 Hard Case

There is also a silicone at the bottom of the case here that keeps anything from hitting the plastic directly. So it kina protects your items inside the case.

So again, this is the Nano 330 in lime. We have other colors on the website. You can put your logo on top of that too. So I think you'll enjoy this little case. So check them out on