NANUK 933 Case With Padded Dividers Unboxing Review

Nanuk is a brand of professional protective cases and a lot of people use this first say your camera, gear, lenses, all that sort of stuff to carry around protected. Make sure it's safe, especially when you travel or just about anything else you want to put into them.

Nanuk Cases in boxes

Oh, one of the things you've sent us is a Nanuk 945, which is for the DJI Phantom4 drone. So this will be something you can have to protect them. It says a 918 and 933 to 945. We're going to review each one of these individually. So stay tuned. 

Nanuk Hard Case 933 - Unboxing

Okay, so let's inbox the 933. We viewed a number of these and these things work great and awesome. Now the 933 case comes at 18 inches length, 13 inches in width in nine point five inches in height. This is great for your camera gear, whatever you want to take and put in it.

Nanuk 933 Hard Case in Black

And, uh, it weighs mere eight point seven pounds. So this is going to protect your gear, make sure it's safe, all that sort of good stuff.

Now the great thing about Nanuk cases, they come in a multitude of different colors so you can personalize them. You can make sure that they just kind of figured personality, if you will.

Nanuk Hard Case 933 Power Latches

Now, some of the great features about the Nanuk is, it has a power claw latching system. You can't flip the latches until you unlock them through the power claw, lacking the latching system. I really liked that.

The waterproof IP67 rating cases make sure that your gear is going to be protected from water. It's impact resistant and cade dash seven, the resident. It's padlockable, and you can use this with your TSA padlocks.

Nanuk 933 Hard Case TSA Padlockable

So that makes it really great for travel shoulder strap builtin attachment with these units and you can stack them.

Nanuk 933 Hard Case in Black

The neat thing is too, they've got a Bezzel system that's built in. So if you want to add a thing to them where you want to screw in a bezel, like a sort of a, uh, well, whatever you want to take and do, you've got the opportunity to do that with the cases.

Nanuk 933 Hard Case Handle

Handle stays up or down where the case would be and it's got lewd state devices with stainless steel hardware that makes it so that the liberal state open on you and not crush huge accessory program. I really liked that.


You've got a phone, padded dividers, uh, aluminum panel, aluminum, waterproof panel kit, Lexan waterproof panel kits, shoulder straps, padlocks you'd taken use with these babies.

Nanuk 933 Hard Case with Padded Dividers

Basically just all sorts of really cool stuff. Custom printing, custom foam interior if you want it. Custom panel kit, which is a what makes it good and custom labels. Deluxe panel kit you can use with what we mentioned earlier, the bezel system.

Nanuk 933 Hard Case Interior

You can put it in a panel and make this work anywhere you want. Total customization and greet features. So I'd highly recommend the product, I really like it, especially when you get the dividers for safe for me. Camera gear that's really important in particular camera gear and being able to travel with it, etc. Etc.

Nanuk 933 Shoulder Strap

You can even see here how we're using the great shoulder strap that comes with it and makes us see you can carry it wherever you go and be able to access it. So very neat that way. Always really impressed with the uh, product from an.

And we use this for all of our different camera gears and all that stuff when we traveled so highly. Recommend them. Go to their website at, Chris Voss, Sam, and check out the 933 and some of the other cases we reviewed on the Christmas show. 

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