Plasticase Nanuk 960 Wheeled Series Case With Camera Gear Padded Dividers Review

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Here were coming with a really cool product that we discovered. This thing is from a company called Plastic Case and you can go at the website at –

They make professional protective cases and we get a lot of stuff from a company called Pelican, you may be familiar with them and these guys make a very similar product. They make heavy-duty, high protection, high quality cases for all sorts of gear that you might want to put in – from camera here to everything else and in all sizes for that matter when it comes down to it.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case in Black

They sent us their Nanuk 960-wheeled series, this thing is a huge case that you can use with proper insert for your Canon or your Nikon cameras or your Sony cameras, all of your cameras you can put them in this baby and away you go.

 Nanuk 960 Hard Case Exterior

The exterior dimensions – this is 25.4 inches in length, 20 inches in width and a depth the height of 14.5 ways mirror 19.2 pounds and of course you can buy the internal barriers on the inside that will take in and make it so you can do the Velcro rips for your cameras.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case

There are some interesting things on their products that we were really impressed with – their power claw latching system where I have to push button to the latch it, latch into the place.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case with TSA Padlock

They’ve got a waterproof ip67 rating, of course impact-resistant NK7 resin, comes with a padlock you can get padded dividers or you can have cube phone that just comes out of it and you can cut them just about any way you want and get custom printing, custom foam interior and custom panel kit if you choose to contact them plus it comes in a variety of colors which is very cool.

 Nanuk 960 Padlockable Hard Case

We’re really impressed with it like I said a lot of lockable lock features that you have on here, that you have to take and do. They don’t simply open so that’s very nice, they lock and hold into place and everything else.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Handle

The handles, most of them are spring loaded or fought into a position where they were held. The wheels are just incredibly heavy-duty, we really impressed with the guards around the wheels and the heavy-dutiness of the wheels and what it would take and do.

Nanuk 960 hard case - back view

Across the back,of course you can see it’s reinforced in a lot of different ways and protecting a lot of different ways to just take abuse beating and of course if you’re gonna travel at this through the airlines – you’re gonna need that. So this is a really designed to protect your gear and everything else; very impressed with the quality of the handles and of course you’ve got the luggage sort-of-style handle that comes up here.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case

It’s got two different settings on it, everything else we just really loved the case very impressed with it, very reinforced, very thick, very heavy-duty, really strong hinges and everything else as you can see here, really designed. It maybe take a beating if you really had to one thing we’re really impressed with their cases. It does have a removable lid which is very nice.

It also has something that we found was really cool, we have the integrated lid stay, will show you that here in a bit and what that does is make sure that it doesn’t get closed on you on the need to have your fingers squished.

Nanuk 960 Padded Dividers

I’ve had some other cases and they just closed randomly on you and if your fingers in the way or if you’ve got a camera sitting there, it’s gonna get the crap hit out of it. You see here, they sent us the camera case Velcro rips compartments if you will, this of course will work with it and integrate with it and of course it was very heavy-duty, very thick, very heavy.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Foams

We’ve gotten other, let’s say, compartments from other folks and theýre very thin light and no protection as we’ve seen with a plastic case so very impressed with it.

Here’s the second tier sort of area that you can take and rip and an additional top inside if you want to have top inside replaced so the cushion if you will, it’s there. So we got a chance to put it all together, hook it up and you can see how things came – we’ve got some directions there, of course and everything – very cool ,very neat and of course it looks good we were pretty impressed with the thing of it.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Retractable Handles

You see here the roller aspect of it, they now should use it as piece of luggage rolling through stuff, you’ve got a push button there that will lock and unlock it: pull it up and pull it down and away I go. We’re very impressed this is very thick, heavy duty as well.


Some moths, we’ve seen have been kind of flimsy and this was very very thick, very very heavy duty, very impressed with the overall quality of the product compared to some of the other stuff that we’ve seen out there in the market.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Interior

So we’ve taken in exchange the original foam that was in here and we put in some camera gear so you can kind of see how this sets up. Once you get the whole thing going, now here’s the integrated Laxus we’re talking about where if you push these little numbers up, they will hold the lid into place you can also pull those tabs out – those steel pieces out – and remove the lids so you don’t have to deal with the whole-lid-slamming-on-you situation etc.

I thought that was really brilliant and really innovative really though out, I hadn’t seen that before. So here you can see we’ve got a couple cameras in here or just one camera in or big lens but you know, gives you a good idea of what’s going on there and how to do it.

You can also see there are foams where you can customize their foam if you so choose and you can do that as well: so cool, neat that way. So I highly recommend the plastic case, I like it over so many other products we’ve seen out in the marketplace for quite some times now.

These guys seem to taking it to the next level and put some extra care and love into what they do. Be sure to go to Nanuk,com with the Nanuk 960 – check it out and all the other wonderful gear they have there.


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