The Nanuk 930 Hard Case Video Review

This is a Nanuk 930 in silver. Great big case with 2 front power claw latches. These latches are double setup latch, so it's a press down, lift up and bring it back.

Nanuk 930 Power Claw Latches

You won't snap your fingers with those, so basically they're really strong. Once you have them, both lock like that.The case, even if it's dropped, it won't open.

Nanuk 930 Hard Case Video Review - Power Latches


Nanuk 930 Purge Valve

You have a purge valve in the front, right here. This purge valve is actually made so that the air from the inside, if there's compression, just gets released, so you can open the case without any problems afterwards.

Nanuk 930 Eylids

The Nanuk 930 also comes with 2 eyelids, so those 2 eyelids are actually made for TSA approved padlock, so slips in there right here.

Nanuk 930 TSA Lock

If you bring your case and put it in the plane, TSA agent can easily open these locks. They have a special key, so they won't cut your locks up to check what's in your case.

Nanuk 930 with Strap

The 930 also has those 2 stainless steel rods, so just bring your lock in here, your Nanuk shoulder strap in here. Lock it up and then here go.

Nanuk 930 Comes with two foams

The case comes with 2 cubed foams that are pre-cut and then it's really easy to create your own shapes, either with your fingers or a knife. Just remove these little cubes here and you do some square shape.

Nanuk 930 Pre Cut Foams

You can create your shapes in both foams and then you can create levels in there. You also have a base foam that will protect your gear, if you ever go through one of your foam here at the bottom.

Nanuk 930 Multi-Level Foams

You also have an egg-crate foam for the lid that is held by little Velcros here.

Nanuk 930 Screw Holes

Each case comes with some little screw holes here, so you can add some bezel kit, either Lexan panel bezel kit or the aluminum bezel kit.

Nanuk 930 Waterproof Seal

All the cases come with the seal all around the lid here. This seal will keep the water and dust out of your case. Open it up. That's it. Here go.

Nanuk 930 Actual Review