The Nanuk 935 Hard Case Video Review

Hey guys, this is David from Hard Cases. Let me show you the Nanuk 935.

Nanuk 935 in Red

All right guys, here we have the Nanuk 935. A really popular model, the Nanuk 935 is actually a carry-on model so you can take it on a lot of airplanes, just note that this case is actually 22" and companies like Air Canada have 21.5".

Nanuk 935 Power Claw

Let's go through these great features, so once again, the Nanuk 935 has those Power Claws right here. Two steps Power Claws. They open up and they won't move.

Nanuk 935 Power Claw Latches

They won't pinch your fingers. You push and then you bring it back and then they won't open if you drop the case on the ground either.

Nanuk 935 Eyelets

What's cool about the 935 also, they have reinforced eyelets right here, so you have those metal stainless steel pins in there. You can easily put again that TSA little padlock in here.

Nanuk 935 with TSA Lock

So if you get to have to put your case inside the luggage compartment, then you want to have these TSA padlocks that are TSA approved, so these guys can open up your padlocks with their special keys instead of cutting them up to search inside your case.

Nanuk 935 Handles

The 935 has two main handles. One on it's side right here, so it's actually nice so you can bring it like this on the side. The front handle is actually just like the other

Nanuk 935 Handles

Nanuk case, it locks down so you won't have anything moving. No moving parts on the case.

Nanuk 935 Purge Valve

Just like any good Nanuk, you're going to find the purge valve, which is nice because when you bring it on the airplane you want to have the pressure come out of that valve here.

Nanuk 935 Purge Valve 2

You can easily open your case because of the pressure that you can get inside the baggage compartment of any airplanes.

Nanuk 935 Wheels

Also, one of the great thing about this case are actually the wheels. These are polyethylene skateboard wheel style so they will be as good as long as you have your case retractable handle, so that one goes right here.

Nanuk 935 Retractable Handle


Nanuk 935 Retractable Handle 2

You can have, pull it out once, pull it out twice, so you have a long handle, two steps, so you can just walk on with your case you know.

Nanuk 935 Pre Cut Foam Option

Inside the case, Nanuk 935. This one is the foam option. Cubed Foams with all of these pre-cut little foams that you can easily shape to your liking using your fingers actually so you just drop in your fingers in there, pull out the pieces of foam.

Keep the shaped squares and you wouldn't have, you won't have any problems actually, so you don't even have to use a knife to do this.
Nanuk 935 Foam Inserts

There is also two pieces of foam in there. These are shaped because of the handle here, but it gives you two layers of space for different items, cameras, lens, and accessories underneath.

Nanuk 935 Bottom Pad

You also have the bottom pad so if you go through your bottom foam part and then your gear is touching the plastic, this pad will protect your gear from any scratch or any impact actually.

Nanuk 935 Top Foam Eggshell

This, you also have top foam eggshell, so this one is also made so it protects your gear if there is compression in the case here, so if somebody or something is hitting on top of the case there, this eggshell foam will really protect that part of the gear also on top here.

Nanuk 935 Rubber Seal

You have the rubber seal all around the lid here. It will keep the water and dust out of your case, so this is a perfectly, a hundred percent waterproof and dust-proof case.

Nanuk 935 Stainless Hinges

What's cool about the 935 is also is that the lid can be removed. You have these little hinges here, also stainless steel parts, that can be removed completely just by pulling them out here so you can just either take the lid out and maybe have something in there.

Nanuk 935 Hard Case Video Review 1

So maybe if you're a DJ let's say, you have your DJ kit right here, so you don't have a cover hiding you from your crowd or anything.

Nanuk 935 Screw Holes

You can also have a screen in there actually, so you could put in a screen with some bolts in there so you can have either your screen on the side, or you can have the screen in there and then a computer here or whatever you want to do with it, so these are little options that are available on the 935 which are really cool.
Nanuk 935 Padded Dividers

The 935 also comes with the padded dividers, so basically the padded divider slides in there. It's a really popular model, especially again for photographers and videographers who want to have a customizable case, so you have a lot of options to just switch smaller compartments or have larger compartments.

Nanuk 935 Customizeable Dividers

This padded divider will fit easily two camera bodies and with a long lens with a few primes in there, maybe some flash and accessories, so this is actually a great case for travelling because you can have a full kit in there.

 Nanuk 935 Hard Case Actual Video Review