The Nanuk 945 Hard Case Review Video

Hey, guys. This is David from Hard Cases. Let me show you the Nanuk 945.

Nanuk 945 Power Claw

The 945 in graphite comes with four power claw latch, which are on both sides, here. One here, one here, and two in the front, like that.

Nanuk 945 Doouble Power Claw Latches

Basically these are double power claw and they will stay down, you won't have any problems with your fingers getting stuck in there or getting snapped out. You just push down, lift up, and unlock like that.

Nanuk 945 Handle

The 945 also has the famous handle, which has that grip on top. It's really soft. It also has a self lock mechanism system, so basically stays there so if you shake the case, the handle just doesn't go up and down.

Nanuk 945 Purge Valve

You have also that purge valve, right here, that you see. This is actually made so that if you go on the plane and your case is inside the baggage compartment, there's going to be some compression in the case. 

So once you get back on the ground, the air just going to flow out and then you can open your case easily.

Nanuk 945 with Nanuk Shoulder Strap

The case also has two metal stainless steel rods, right here, one in the front, right here, and one in the right side, right here. You can use them with the strap, here like this. The strap goes here.

Nanuk 945 with Shoulder Strap

The Nanuk shoulder strap, made of neoprene and some air cells underneath here, so it's soft and really comfortable on your shoulder, especially with such big cases, where you might have a lot of gear and heavy stuff in there.There you go. Put this case on your shoulder, like this.

Nanuk 945 With TSA Lock

Two cool things also on the Nanuk 945, since this case won't go on the plane with you, it won't fit in the top baggage compartment, you will need to lock this up if you want to travel with it.

Nanuk TSA Approved Lock

Especially if you have expensive gear in there, you want to put these TSA approved locks, which go here and here, and these locks can be opened with a special key by the TSA agents only.

Nanuk 945 Cube Foam Options

This 945 has the option of cube foams, so those cube foams are two big layers of foams that are inside the case.

These two big foams, you have those pre-cut cubs in there, so that's really easy to use your fingers or a knife to go through these little ribs that you see, and the you just split your hand in there, create your square shapes, and then put your product on top.

Pre Cut Foams

Some people will draw and then just go with their fingers and remove these little cube foams.

You have two shapes, you can do levels on top, you can have your most important gear, and then underneath you can use it for the accessories, so you can have other shapes for the accessories underneath.

Nanuk 945 Bottom Foam

There is also a third part, which is the bottom foam, which is actually to protect your gear. If you go through the bottom foam here, you want to have something that protects your gear from touching the plastic.

Nanuk 945 Top Eggshell Foam

There's also a top part, which is the eggshell foam that comes with the cube foams. This one is removable, it has some little Velcros here on each side that will keep the foam in place and this is actually to protect the top gear.

Nanuk 945 Top Eggshell Foam

If you close up the case, there's going to be some compression, which is what you want, but you want to make sure that if you put some pressure here, everything's going to be protected in there.

That's why we have the eggshell on top. Your case is actually shockproof. It's also waterproof, with the waterproof gasket all around the lid, here, which keeps the water and the dust out of your case.This is really important.

Nanuk 945 Padded Divider Option

Another great option, instead of the cube foams, which is usually popular with photographers and videographers, is actually padded dividers.

Nanuk 945 Adjustable Padded Dividers

The padded dividers is a big, 3/4 inch foam, all around the case, then you also have a piece of plastic in there that keeps everything really well protected, but you also have the option of customizing the interior.

Nanuk 945 Movable Velcros in Padded Dividers

If you have different gear, you're changing, you're adding new cameras or new lens, this is a great option for you. You can just move things around with the Velcros or remove it completely and use it for different options of traveling.

 Nanuk 945 Padded Dividers

I personally always have padded dividers in my larger cases because I'm a photographer, so I like bringing different types of gear to different shoots. It's pretty cool option for guys like me, who like to customize their cases.