The Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Hard Case Review Video

Hey guys. This is David from Hard Cases. Let me show you the Nanuk 950 for DJI Phantom.

 Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Video Review

All right guys, once again the 950 for the DJI Phantom. This case is the big boy. There's the 945 and there's the 950.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Wheels

The 950's got the wheels on. It's got the retractable handle right here and it also has 2 handles right here.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Power Claws

You do have 2 power claws which are actually 2 steps claws like this, so you just bring it on.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Handles

You can be sure that these will never open if the case is dropped. It's a push-down, lift up, and bring the latch down like this.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Eyelets

The 950 also has these extra stainless steel metal eyelets so if you lock your case with the TSA approved lock in there you can make sure that this is even safer.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom with TSA Lock

Nobody can try to cut through the plastic here and the TSA can get inside your case because this case won't fit in the overhead bins. You'll have to check this case if you take it on the airplane.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom  Purge Valve

The case rolls really smooth, really nice. You have the purge valve right here, so if you do have to put your case inside the airplane you're going to have some air pressure in there, so when you take the case out on the ground the air's going to flow out of there.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Purge Valve

Because if there is still pressure in your case, if there's no purge valve, you can be sure that you will never be able to open your case unless you use pliers and you might break whatever's in there.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Two Lockable Handles

Basically, you have those 2 handles on each side that are actually lockable, so they stay there and they don't move. Inside the case, I guess that's why you want to see here, you will have the nice DGI Phantom kit.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Kit

This kit, this foam actually fits the DGI version 2 and the version 3. Actually the DGI 3 professional and all the other models.

It's really made to fit them all, but the DGI Phantom 3 is actually the most popular model right now that we have in the case. That's why people buy it for.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Actual Setup

This will also let you put the DGI with the propellers on top, as you can see. You won't have to remove them every time.

You can also add 4 extra batteries in these compartments here so you have a total of 5 with the 1 on the DGI inside here. The remote lays down on top like that. Just fits perfectly in there.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom with Extra 4 Battery Slots

Then you have a space in the back here for your papers or a bigger iPad actually, because the 1 for the iPad right here is made for the iPad mini or the Samsung Galaxy, so only these 2 will fit in there. You want to put your bigger iPad in the back.

NAnuk 950 DJI Phantom Foam Insert

You have space here for extra props or extra accessories. More batteries actually, you can put a battery here, so it's 5 batteries total. It's 4 here and an extra right here that you can have in there.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom

You have these extra little holes for the batteries for the remote control and then some accessories, the charger is right here. Other accessories right here.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Extra Layer of Protection

What's cool about this case also it's a deeper case than the 945 but it also, like the 945, comes with the extra piece of foam that will protect your gimbal and camera in there.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Extra Foam Protection

You just put it on top instead of using the plastic piece that DGI gives you and then nothing moves in there. I mean, you know, if the case is in there you can be sure that's everything's going to be protected.

Nanuk 950 DJI Phantom Double Protection

Even the propellers have these little foam parts right here that can be pulled out and pulled in a little bit to adjust, but your propellers won't be moving at all.

Yeah. This is the 950 for the DJI Phantom.