The Nanuk 950 Hard Case Review Video

Hey guys, this is David from Hard Cases. Let me show you the Nanuk 950.

Nanuk 950 Hard Case Video Review

The 950. The 950 case is a case with wheels, retractable handle. It's got the 2 front power claw, right here.

Nanuk 950 Hard Case Power Claw

The power claw is actually a 2-step system, so these are really strong latches. You can be sure that these will not open if your case is dropped on the ground.

Nanuk 950 Hard Case Side Handles

This is also a great travel case. It won't fit in an overhead bin, but it's a great case to travel because it does have those side handles right here, one in the front, one in the side.

Nanuk 950 Hard Case Retractable Handle

You also have that retractable handle, that is a 2-step, and it's got the nice, soft, polyurethane wheels that will last forever. This case handles on the side. They both have the locking system.

 Nanuk 950 Hard Case Eyelet for TSA Lock

Also, you have those reinforced eyelets with stainless steel rings in there, so once you put your little TSA padlock in there, it's a double safety zone there. Nobody can cut through that.

Nanuk 950 Hard Case with TSA Lock

Then, only the TSA agents will be able to open your padlock if you put these in the claim baggage compartment. In this case, this is actually one of my cases, so I'm going to show you.

Nanuk 950 Hard Case with Padded Divider Setup

This one, I use it for my LED lights, when I go on video shoots. This kit has the padded dividers in there, so I can show you. These are actually my Lumahawk  LED lights that I put in there.

Nanuk 950 Hard Case Holding 3 Sets of Led Lights

There's 3 that fits right in really easy. I move the padded dividers so that there is a pad in between each light in there, and then I put all my accessories, my power cords, and other little knick-knacks, on the left side, or your right, here.

 Nanuk 950 bezel kits

The Nanuk 950 also has those little screw holes, so you can use it with the bezel kits. If you want to have either bezel with aluminum bezel, or which is transparent bezel, so you can have some kind of a control pad underneath with wires and still have your bottom part all waterproof when the case is open, these are great options.