The Nanuk 960 Hard Case Review Video

Hey, guys. This is David from Hard Cases. Let me show you the Nanuk 960.

All right, guys, one big boy here, the 960.Nanuk 960 is a case with lots of power claws, lots of handles, set of wheels and also a retractable handle, two-step once again, right here.

Nanuk 960 Power Claws

Let me start from the front with this case. It looks heavy because there's stuff in there so here we go. We have two power claws in the front, double set like this. This is Nanuk's trademark. It really is a great thing.No more snapping hands or snapping fingers or breaking nails.

Nanuk 960 Two Step Latches

This is a two-step where it's never going to open if the case is dropped on the ground. This is the kind of case that's going to be traveling around being handled by a lot of people so you want to make sure that the gear inside stays inside.

Nanuk 960 Power Clatches

Once they're closed, even the one on the sides here, you can be sure that your stuff is going to stay in that case. It's never going to open.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Front Handle

Also, on the case, you have the handles in the front. They have handles on the side right here so you can lift your case up like that and travel with your case on the side with this one.

Nanuk 960 Side Handles

All the handles are lockable so basically they lock in except those on the sides here, they're actually spring handles like this is noisy a little bit but they're spring handles. This one has a lock on it so it breaks in and then it's not a spring loaded.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Secured Lock

The case also comes with some metal stainless right here. For traveling, it's really cool because this adds a little bit of measure of security to your case once you put the TSA lock on it like this.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case TSA Lock

This become really hard to cut through so only the TSA agents at the airport will be able to open these locks without breaking them because they have a special key.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Purge Valve

Also, you have purge valve which is like on all Nanuk cases that will let the air flow out once it gets back on the ground and when it's been flying.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Polyurethane Wheels

Nice polyurethane wheels here that will keep you rolling for as long as you have this case. I'm going to show you, it's really, really smooth so they're not noisy at all.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Polyurethane Wheels

It's not plastic. It's polyurethane so it gives just that little smoothness which is nice to have on cases so you don't bring too much attention when you're bringing your case around with you.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Retractable Handle

Using the retractable handle right here, it's a two-step so you have a small version and the longer version. You can just hold your case like this and just travel with it all over the airport or around your sets.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Stackable Feature

The cases are stackable so if you have a lot of those, you have this little feet here that will fit exactly right on top in these little parts. One case over the other, you won't have any chances of them just falling on top of the other on the sides like this.


I'm going to show you the interior right now. Here we go.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case with Padded Dividers

This kit is actually the padded dividers which I think is the best for this kind of case unless you're really traveling only with the same stuff all the time.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Cubed Foam Layers

You want to use the cubed foams which will come in layers of four parts of layers of cubed foams you'll have in there and you can customize them to the way you want but the padded dividers which is cool is that you have two parts of it.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Padded Dividers

You have the top part like this which is not as deep but I will personally put maybe lens in there or bodies on their sides or other accessories like gaffer tape and power cords or strobes and little flashlights and things like that.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case with Three Elinchrom BRX 500

This one has three Elinchrom BRX 500 with each of their power cords actually. As you can see, it does fit a lot of gear in there and I've had these for a while now and I've never had any problems.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case Sample Setup

I don't remove any of the lights in there and these are pretty deep so if I just show you in here, they're all on their sides but it's still deeper at the bottom right here.

Also, another option is that if you have something that's really big and you want to put upside.

Nanuk 960 Hard Case

You prefer to have your stuff on top like that, you could actually turn your foam or your padded dividers. I would have to remove some of it and just put it upside down like that. You still have the whole spaces in there. You have the protection here and you just put up and then close up your case like that.