The Nanuk 990 Hard Case Review Video

Hey guys, this is David from Hard Cases. Let me show you the Nanuk 990.

This is a great case for firearms, a great case for sliders, tripods, any other long thing that you want to put somewhere.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Power Claw

This 990 actually has four power claw right in the front, right here. These are dual clamp trademark and patented by Plasticase for Nanuk brand. These are absolutely loved by the fans of Nanuk because they won't open if the case is dropped and you won't pinch your fingers either because just the way they're done.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Two Step Latches

It's just like you click them up and them click them down. You push down, lift up and bring it back like this. These are great. These are really, really cool locks actually.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Power Latches

If your wife goes through your case you won't know because she won't break her nails either. That's another great thing for your wife.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Eyelets with Metal Reinforcement

What's cool about this case, you have four eyelets here with metal reinforcement, which is actually stainless steel, so nothing will rust in there. You have four of them here and once you travel with them, or you just want to have them secured somewhere.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case with TSA Lock


You can use our TSA padlocks and you just lock them up like this. Only the TSA guy or you will be able to get in this case actually. Get some padlocks if you have firearms in there for sure.

If not, if you're traveling with it or traveling with your gear in there like sliders and stuff like that, so it's always nice to have extra security on these beautiful cases.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Handles

You have two handles, one right here actually, one right in the front. You can travel with your case like that. That's a pretty long case. It's really smooth. Once again the wheels are going to be lasting as long as you have this case.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Polyurethane Wheels

The polyurethane wheels and they are actually really well protected, right here in the back as you can see, so no get in there. They will keep rolling as long as you have this case.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Bungee Chord Holes

What's cool with this case also, in the back here if you can see these little holes, eyelets here, these are actually made for bungee cords.

If you have an ATV and you're traveling through the woods, you can strap these on your ATV in the back and then just travel with the case in the woods, the case strapped onto your ATV.

Let's look inside this case right now.

 Nanuk 990 Hard Case Foo Foams

This case comes with foo foam actually so the foo foam doesn't have any cube like the other cases we have around. There are no little cubes that are done.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Foam Inserts

If you want to cut this foam you'll have to do it with an Exacto knife. What people do is actually they will use it to shape their firearm. Let's say you put the firearm there and you use a big marker. They go around and then they just cut with a sharp exacto knife.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Foam Inserts

Then you have two pieces of foam to cut through so you can have other accessories like extra or any other parts that are used in your gear underneath on the first foam.

Then on the top foam, you have your firearm or whatever other gear you have in there.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Bottom Foam

There's also a bottom piece of foam to protect, if you have to go through this piece of foam here, then you won't have your gear touching the plastic of the case. It's really important to have that in the back there.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Top Egg Crate Foam

Also, you have egg crate part that is on top here and will protect the top of your gear here. Then this one is removable just as always.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case Dimensions

You could also buy the case empty, but if you want to protect something in there, you better get the foam with the soft foam actually for your case. This is the version that is the 990.

The 990 is the smaller version of the long cases. We have a 995 that is oh a bit longer so basically they're exactly the same type of cases, same options, same latches, same eyelets, same power claw but the 995 is just a tad longer.