Tito Ferradans Shows Off His Camera Lens Nanuk Hard Case


Hey I’m Tito Ferradans and I’m from Vancouver, BC. I am both a cinematographer and a lens collector and through the years I have accumulated a number of gems.

Camera Lenses in my drawer

So I always kept them in a cabinet since I never had a case before it sucked every time that I had to take them out for a shoot.

Nanuk Case with Padded Dividers Holding the Lenses Securely

Then I came across the Nanuk cases and the price was just right for what I could pay. So I took the plunge and bought a bunch all at once both with padded dividers and foam.

Nanuk Case with Padded Dividers Neatly Organized

So here’s a huge vintage LOMO cinema lens  from the 1960s with all of its accessories neatly organized.

Nanuk Case with Adjustable Padded Dividers

And in this other one I keep my Soviet lens set with hand-picked serial numbers and well this is not the complete set yet but it’s gonna look better than that.

And in this third case I have the contact size all cinematic and ready to fit on modern cameras.

Nanuk Case With Padded Dividers

Since I plan to rent these lenses out that would not be possible without a case. Well, the great thing about the Nanuk is I should have gotten one years ago.

I recommend it to about everyone that has to constantly transport  gear back and forth and my favorite feature about them is their cost-benefit ratio where you can get a superb quality product for an accessible price like I’m already looking into my next one. Which one should I get?