Top 4 Hard Cases for Handguns

If you own a handgun, you know the importance of safe and reliable storage for your firearms. Whether you need a way to keep your handguns secure during travel, or a safe place to store them at home, finding the right hard case for your handguns is key to protecting your gear and keeping you and others around you safe.

Keep reading below for our break down of the top 4 hard cases for handguns, based on experience and reviews from happy customers!

Pelican P1075 - $81.95 CAD

If you are looking for a compact, well designed case for your handgun, look no further than the Pelican P1075. Designed with travel requirements in mind, the P1075 measures interiorly at 11.11 x 7.92 x 1.63 inches (LxWxH) and is engineered to be as slim and light as possible while still accommodating for larger handguns, like the G34.

As a member of the Pelican family, this sturdy case is made with high grade materials for top of the line protection. The P1075 features lockable clasps, compatible with TSA padlocks, and shoulder straps for convenient, hands-free transport.

But what owners have mentioned that really sets this case apart, is the sleek, attractive design. Many owners enjoy the professional appearance of the P1075’s smooth, metallic outer casing compared to similar cases which have a cheaper looking plastic casing.

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Nanuk 935 6-Up Gun Case - $254.97 CAD

While the Pelican P1075 is a great compact case, sometimes you need something a little heftier. If you need a case to accommodate multiple handguns for travel or storage, the Nanuk 935 6-Up Gun Case has got you covered.

Measuring at interiorly at 20.5 x 11.3 x 7.5 inches (interior LxWxH), the 935 is roomy enough for up to 6 handguns plus ammunitions and accessories. Don’t worry though, the 935 is still small enough to qualify as carry on luggage if you’re travelling by air. It also features wheels and a retractable handle for easy transport.

Completely designed and produced in Canada, the Nanuk 935 also comes with all the standard Nannuk features you’re familiar with, including high grade, reliable materials and attractive, colour customizable outer casings. This case does come with a heftier price tag, though; however, owners have commented that high quality material and Canadian production make it worth every penny.

Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case - $65.20 CAD

A single gun case similar to the Pelican P1075, the Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case is another sturdy, reliable option for single pistol secure storage or travel.

With interior measurements of 10.2 x 6.5 x 3 inches (LxWxH) , the Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case is only slightly smaller than the Pelican P1075, but specs and reviews note that it’s still able to hold a full sized handgun plus magazines.

Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case Gun Fit

There are a few features that differentiate this case, though, such as the sliding lock mechanism. Unlike similar cases which use latches to keep them closed, the Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case uses sliding locks, which increase security by preventing the case from being pried open like flip locks do.

Unfortunately, this case does not come with customizable foam like many other cases do. As such, your handguns and accessories may be more prone to movement while being transported.

Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case Top View

All in all, however, this is a great case for a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a high quality case, but don’t have the budget for a Nanuk or Pelican one, then the Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case is a great fit.

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Nanuk 925 4-Up Gun Case - $229.97

If you’re looking for a case large enough for multiple handguns, but not something quite as hefty as the 935, then the Nanuk 925 4-Up might be the case for you. Measuring interiorly at 17.0 x 11.8 x 6.4 inches (LxWxH), the 925 runs a bit smaller than the 935 and has enough room for 4 handguns an magazines.

Nanuk 925 4 Up Pistol Case

Like the 935, the Nanuk 925 4-Up Gun Case is designed and produced entirely in Canada with high-grade reliable materials. Unlike the 935, though, this case does not come with wheels. However, most owners don’t mention this as a problem, and you can also get a Nanuk shoulder strap to make it easier to carry.

Nanuk 925 4 Up Gun Case with 3 Pistols

Many owners did note, though, that the custom hard foam inserts included with both the 925 and 935 really set these cases apart. These help keep your guns and accessories secure and organized for travel or storage, accommodating most handguns including 1911 style guns as well as guns fitted with trigger locks (Max. 5-inches barrel).

In Conclusion

Remember, all these cases are built to protect your gear and keep you, your loved ones, and your firearms safe, so choosing the best one for you comes down to your everyday needs and the features you like. Now that you have a breakdown of the top hard cases for handguns, you can confidently pick out the right one for you!