Top Camera Cases for Professional Wedding Photographers

If you’re a professional photographer, you know the struggle of finding that perfect case for your gear.

And while it’s true that every photographer faces this struggle, finding your one true match can be particularly stressful as a wedding photographer. Luckily, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help.


Below, we’ve gathered a list of the top 3 cases for professional wedding photographers so you can find the perfect match for all your engagements. But first, let’s take a quick look at what makes a great case for wedding photography.

What Makes a Good Wedding Photography Case?

Finding the perfect case as a wedding photographer can be a tricky decision since you need to find a balance between utility, convenience, and appearance. Here are a few things to consider when searching for your case-made-in-heaven:

  • Finding harmony between size and discreteness. As a wedding photographer, it’s important that you find a case that can accommodate all your gear while also remaining discreet, so you have all the tools you need to capture every moment of a happy couple’s wedding day without being intrusive.
  • True love starts with a good first impression. On top of finding a case that is accommodating and discreet, it’s also important that you’re case is attractive and professional looking. Wedding photography involves close client work, so you’ll want a case that makes a good impression.
  • Nanuk 920 Sleek Design

  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Often with wedding photography, a single case won’t be able to meet all your utility, convenience, and appearance needs. So don’t be afraid to invest in other accessories to help you capture every moment of the big day.

  • Nanuk 935 Holding Accessories

    Now that you have an idea of what to look for in your perfect case, let’s get down to business and take a look at a rundown of the best cases for professional wedding photographers.


    The Best Camera Cases for Professional Wedding Photographers


    Think Tank Retrospective 30 - $242.96

    The Think Tank Retrospective 30 has been lauded by photographers as a great accommodating and discreet bag. Although appearing small, owners report the Retrospective 30 as “bigger on the inside” and more than accommodating for all your wedding photography gear, including two camera bodies, multiple lenses, and accessories or other devices like a small laptop or tablet.

    Retrospective 30 Sample Set UP

    Beyond size, owners have also raved about the discreet look of this shoulder bag as its lack of any noticeable camera identifiers or brand logos allows it to easily blend in anywhere. The Retrospective 30 also include velcro-silencers, so you can access your gear without disrupting the reception or ceremony.

    Retrospective 30

    However, owners have noted that although the Retrospective 30 is able to accommodate a lot of equipment, filling a soft shoulder bag with so much gear can easily become a downside.

    A few reviews have noted that when filled, the bag becomes a bit heavy to carry on the shoulders as well as becoming inconvenient to search through for specific items. Owners also note, though, that investing in a strap, like the Holdfast Money Maker dual strap to hold the gear you need quick access to can help negate these pitfalls.

    Nanuk 920 - $161.97

    When it comes to camera cases, Nanuk is one of the top brands in nearly any case need. For wedding photography specifically, the Nanuk 920 checks all the boxes. Similar in size to the Think Tank Retrospective 30, the Nanuk 920 is able to fit two DSLR bodies, three lenses, as well as accessories. But that’s not all; there are a few more standout features that sets this case apart from the Retrospective 30 and other similar ones.

    Nanuk 920 with Foam

    Unlike other wedding photography camera cases, the Nanuk 920 combines durability and function as it has a hard, protective outer casing, with an add-on attachable strap for hands-free carrying. With a variety of interior organization options as well, such as dividers or customizable pick and pluck foam, the 920 makes it easy to quickly find and grab the equipment you need.

    Nanuk 920 - Empty

    Available in a variety of colors, including sleek black and graphite, the 920 is still quite professional looking and relatively discrete. However, some owners do note that the case can be cramped or inconvenient as it doesn’t have as many pockets as soft bags do for storing extra pieces like a phone, tablet, or notebook.

    Overall, retailing at $161.97, almost half the price of the Retrospective but with considerably more features, the Nanuk 920 stands out as an excellent option for professional wedding photographers.

    Nanuk 935 - $261.97

    Another option from Nanuk, the 935 is a bit bigger than the 920 and Retrospective 30, allowing for a roomier and less cramped fit for your equipment. Measuring interiorly at 20 x 11.3 x 7.5 inches (LxWxH) this case features enough room for two DSLR bodies, over four lenses (depending on size), as well as accessories.

    Nanuk 935 Set UP

    Of course, being a significantly larger hard case, the Nanuk 935 does have some heft to it. But since this case also features wheels and a retractable handle, most owners haven’t found the weight of the 935 to be a problem. As with the 920, the 935 also features a range of colors and interior organization options.

    Yellow Nanuk 935

    One of the main downfalls of the 935 when it comes to wedding photography specifically, is that it is not the most discreet bag. This case would be pretty obvious to carry around by your side, so you will most like have to invest in additional smaller bags or straps to keep the gear you need the most within reach.

    In Conclusion

    As a professional wedding photographer, finding a case that’s a perfect match for your gear can seem daunting at first. You’ll need to create the right balance between utility, convenience, and appearance, which you’ll only enjoy with a match made just for you and your photos in case heaven. But don’t fret - our case guide is here to help you find your happily-ever-after among photography cases, so you can easily snap all those capture-worthy wedding moments!