3 Simple Storage Solutions for Securing Firearms

If you own any firearms, you know how crucial it is to be aware of proper storage measures. Because of safety concerns, there are many factors that need to be considered when deciding on storage solutions.


To help you out, we’ve created a handy guide with options on how to store your firearms safely.

First though, it is important that you understand the mandates under Canadian Law for storing firearms. In Canada you are required to:

  • Properly store firearms and ammunition in separate gun safes and containers.
  • Keep guns away from children and untrained persons
  • Secure your firearms with a locking device that prevents unwanted or accidental firing.


Along with these requirements, there are also specifications depending on the classification of your firearm (non-restricted firearm, restricted firearm, and prohibited firearm). With that said, let’s move on to look at a few examples and tips for storing and securing your firearms safely.

  • Trigger Locks

  • Trigger locks are a simple, effective, and affordable solution to prevent the unauthorized use of a firearm. Nowadays, most firearms are sold with a trigger lock provided either by the manufacturer or the dealer; however, you can also purchase your own inexpensively for around $20 at local retailers.

    trigger locks

    While trigger locks are a good step in preventing unauthorized loading or shooting of your firearm, it’s best to use these in combination with another solution for storage to keep firearms out of reach of unauthorized hands in the first place (such as children or other inexperienced users).

  • Gun Safes

  • Gun safes are a popular storage solution among firearm owners, and for good reason. For the average gun owner, gun safes are one of the most secure methods of storing firearms, especially for home or long term storage (for example, if you primarily use your firearms for hunting and need somewhere to store them during the off-season).

    These can be purchased online or from local retailers and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

    Gun safes are effective for both protecting your firearm from elemental damage and wear, as well and most importantly, securing it against theft or unauthorized use.

    These safes are created with a variety of features tailored to the storage of firearms, including dedicated racks and lined interiors, as well as safety and storage features such as weight, complicated locking mechanisms, and options to bolt the safe directly to a concrete slab.

    On top of these safety features, gun safes also have the added security of a discreet appearance as they can blend in as an average safe, providing added protection from theft or unauthorized use.


  • Gun Cases

  • Gun cases are another reliable option for storing and securing your firearms. Gun cases are generally lightweight, lockable cases designed to protect your firearms from wear and tear and secure against unauthorized use, particularly during travel.

    Available in a range of sizes, shapes, and material options, gun cases can be found and purchased for every kind of commercially available firearm from popular case brands like Pelican or Nanuk.

    When using a gun case, especially during travel, it’s important to keep it locked at all times when not in use. You can attain a padlock from any local or online retailer to secure your case for storage or travel.

    You can also get specially designed travel locks, like Nanuk’s TSA Padlock, that keep your firearm secure against unauthorized persons, but are able to be locked and unlocked by travel officials so they don’t have to break your lock in case they need to inspect your case.

    When deciding on the best storage solution for your firearms, it’s important to take into account what kind of storage you need (i.e. long term storage or travel storage) and to ensure that, regardless of which method you use, your firearm is stored safely and securely against theft or unauthorized use.

    For most firearm owners, a combination of the above three methods is used to ensure proper and safe storage of their equipment.

    Now that you have a background on the requirements of firearm storage in Canada and the different options for storing and securing your firearms, you can decide on the best option for your needs, assured that the choice you make protects your firearm and keeps your loved ones safe.