Cpap for a Sea Kayak Expedition Setup


Okay how was everybody doing today.

So I thought I'd do or show you guys what I do when I do camping uh with my seacock because I'm sa cpap wearer, I've had this for many many years and I have to be able to take this with me when I go on a trip.

So let me explain to you a little bit what I did here.

Let's start with the battery this is a 28,000 millionamp my c-cap my cpap without the humidifier pulls about one amp so this battery should last me figure seven hours per night about four night of sleep so usually I'm go to September to an expedition.

So I'm gonna bring two battery packs with me. These battery packs I made myself those are lithium uh ion batteries in there. They're self made packs uh if you were to buy a pack you know for a cpap machine you're looking about nine hundred dollars for final depending what company you get them from.

Battery Pack

But generally for resmed about 900 dollars um so what I did is I took off humidifier, I'm just using the main power unit.

I turned the humidity completely off because when I'm gonna be I won't need it. I bought a little side adapter from a different kind of cpap machine because they don't make it for this one. It goes to what called a q-tube to silence down the uh the noise a little bit because with the humidifier you don't get any noise at all.


It's like whisper whisper quiet you can't even tell it's running but since when you're in a tent it's right next to my head you want something that's going to be very quiet.

So that's why I got the q-tube I took off the normal this is the normal cpap tubing that's heated it's a little thinner this stuff is just a little bit thicker but there's no heating element in it so it's dirt cheap and it's easy to use. 

 Tube 2

So I bought that the way I have to worry about it also what I did is on my head unit it's all tied up because it's my spare one it's just for camping.

I actually wrap this with a tie wrap going over so it goes over the back of my head. Generally what happens especially on the resmed these things they pivot right here when you you're sleeping so it's just designed to come straight off.

Battery Pack

But they always break right here at the joint. I know you guys can see that right there the joint they always break and it took me about two years to figure that one out.

And then now i just strap it to here it goes over my head since I've done that i've never broken one. I have resmed rs9 which I'm gonna bring with me. I'm getting a smaller one but it's only gonna be at the end of the year.

So I have to I have to go with what I have uh what I did is I took out the ac converter from it because uh you need uh it's 24 volts that runs this particular machine.

Nanuk Cases

So you need a 110 to converter 110 to 24 volts which is similar to this but this one is um uh 20 sorry 12 volts to 24 so it takes my 12 volt battery puts 24 volts for this thing.

So I picked this thing up for it it's made by resmed and that way I can run this thing but at that point it only draws one app if i were to have it with the heater on the side it dries about five six amps when it's running so it's a lot a lot of voltage just coming out of there.

So a lot of amperage I just say so um shut off the heater you don't need in and it'll last you a lot longer on one battery also uh for carrying it what I'm using here.

Nanuk Hard Cases

I'm just going to disconnect this so I can close the the case unplug it from the back of my unit I'm using this is a note an Nanuk 915 hard case, now this is small enough that I could take this thing put it in um a dry bag and stick it in my hatch take up a lot less space but the issue is, in the hatch it's fine but yes I would roll over something the drive back were to leak.

You know it could happen I think it's going to happen it could happen or I'm counting drive back the drive bag up a slope I slip I fall I smash the dry bag on the ground.

Battery Converter

I just destroy two thousand dollar machine that's why I keep it in a hard case so it's really well protected completely waterproof now the only thing is it takes up a lot more rooms so for a hard case like this I'll show you where I put it.

It's going to go on the back of the kayak which is right here sorry about the lighting It's going to go right here on the back of the kayak and it gets tied down with the perimeter lines right there yeah it's a big pain in the butt but I've kayaked a few times with it I've been camping with it a few times.


And you don't feel it at all on the back because it's just the unit the battery packs actually go inside the hatches so that's no big deal so this is a pretty light and it works good so this weekend what I'm going to do because I've never tried self rescue with it I've never tried rolling with it on the back.

So that's what I plan to do I'm taking everything out of the case and I'm going to practice rolling my kayak with it out strapped to the back because it doesn't move when it's on there it's tight tight tight.

Nanuk Waterproof Case

So i want to be sure I can roll the kayak back up or bail out do a self rescue and climb back in the cockpit.

So I have to practice that this weekend because I'm going in about in about a month we're living a couple uh four of us so that's it for that I'm sorry but the mess I'm just getting all my stuff ready so anyways that's my plans.

So I'm gonna pull this stuff together what I'll do is once again I get all the set up I have to redo the battery I'm just going to change the um the little board on it for charging the bms management system gotta change that and I'm ready to go so once this is done.

CPAP Kayak

I'll probably do some video on the weekend of the, of this case on my rear deck and I'll show you guys what it's like to be on the water with it on the back of the boat and also what it's like to actually roll the boat over with it and see If I can get back in back out you know all those fun things but that's about it.

So I'm using another cart case for this one I'm using a nuke hard case for this one and the other one doesn't have hard case i don't have one that fits that battery so I just use those two but that's about it so um let's see what happens try that out for now talk to you later.

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