Alright, its that time again for the wide-angle shot let me just open this up. There we go, so now you have a big view of where I am right here.

So in a previous video not too long ago, I reviewed this here. This is the DJI Mavic 2 official case from, well from DJI. So, when I did a review of this, a lot of you posted in the comments, you said wow that's an awesome case but I've got a really awesome case for my Autel EVO.

Autel EVO Original Bag

You know, I don't have a case for my Autel EVO, cause all I have, is this! I have this bag that I got from Autel, this came with my EVO and well, my Autel EVO is in here but it's not really well protected.

Autel EVO Travel Bag

Now the reason I always get a hard case is because if you travel, this (the bag) is ok if you walk it around town but to get from point A to point B, like travel, I got a plane, a boat, a truck and things like that, you throw your luggage around.

This is really not considered luggage, this is considered fragile so hard case is what you'd use. And also, I live in Canada and we have snow on the ground right now. If you ever put this (bag) on the ground, it absorbs water and your EVO and your batteries get soaking wet and then they pretty much die.

Autel EVO Hard Case
So, you need a hard case that's environmentally water-proof to the elements. So I looked on the website for the actual Autel EVO hard case and this is what I found.

I found this case, well this is just the print out of the case but its a really good looking hard case and it sells for right here there's a price, $119 USD. And I live in Canada and yeah, was shipping and everything else that's gonna cost me almost like, $200 CAD so that's a lot of money.

Autel Evo Two-Tier System

Now, I like this case because it's two-tier system, so other portion is for the drone and the batteries and on the bottom, you can put a tablet if you wish, which is a really cool idea Autel selling this case. So that means the case is not this thick, its thicker. But I didn't buy this case because it's not orange and my EVO is orange.

Nanuk Hard Case - Orange
So what did I do? I went in Canada and I just ordered a hard case from a local Canadian store. And in Canada, there is a manufacturer who makes Canadian hard cases that are exceptional.

The Nanuk case (this is a Nanuk 915), I want to call it the Nanu Nanuk case anyway. It's pretty cool, so it is not not not not made for the Autel Evo, although you could probably buy one. This is what it looks like on the inside, and take a look, its orange! That's why I got it. So let me just show you. It's gonna be a quick demo, take it out of the plastic, toss the box away.

Nanuk Hard Case Orange

There it is, you can take off the sticker so you dont have that little Canadian label. But that's the case, its much smaller than the Autel EVO one that I just showed you in the picture, the official Autel EVO one.

Nanuk Hard Case Power Claw System

It has really nice latches here. You pull down and then you push up, so its a solid design. Inside, look at that, there are no holes. You have to make the holes. You have three pieces of foam. You got one piece, the second piece down here and the third one on the bottom.

Nanuk Case Foam Insert

So the way it works is pretty simple. If you haven't done this before, Ill show you. So when you get these cases, this is the piece of foam. Watch what happens when I bend this, you should see a pile of holes. See that? Those holes and they're on both side and I'll bend the other side. So those holes are there wo you'll just cut out the design you want and it becomes that simple. So all I have to do is put my Autel EVO on top of this here, the piece of foam and cut out space the way I want it. Now you're gonna ask, what about the tablet? You know the official one has a spot for the tablet.

Nanuk Hard Case with Eggshell Foam
Well if you've been flying drones or using these cases as long as I have which seems to be too long, ( I really gotta stop doing this) but that upper portion here. So we've done this for a long time and probably all of you out there or many of you know this trick. When you have a tablet and you have a hard case, what you do is pull this, and see that back part right here?

You put your tablet or whatever you want flat in there, and you push this back on. You can put a little piece of protector foam here if you want and you put your tablet back there. So that gives you the same thing and you can do that with any case.
So if you have any case right now and you don't have a place for your tablet, that's where your tablet goes.

Alright, so what I'm gonna do is cut out the design for my Autel EVO and I'll show you the results.

So here I have my piece of foam and as you can see, it's all perforated with little squares. I'm gonna put that down. I'm gonna take a look at the actual Autel EVO case. And I see they have the batteries on this side, the drone and the control over here, power supply up there.

Nanuk Hard Case Two Layer Foam

So, I'll do something similar, battery over here, then I'll put the drone, looks like they have their drone this way. and the controller. So I pull the battery off and you can see I have the huge indentation.

Autel EVO Charger

I have already pushed some down, you could almost like, I used a knife to cut but you could actually basically cut it off with a knife of you could just pull it off with your finger because the squares are already precut. And that's it, you do it for the whole thing.

Alright and now for the big reveal, here it is. There you go! Orange case, and orange Autel EVO. Looks pretty sweet doesn't it?

Nanuk Hard Case DIY Cut Foam for Autel EVO
So there we go, I already put one battery and I made two other holes. I put the controller over here and it's sitting on the actual. if you pull it out, you can see there's a piece of foam underneath and it sits on top.


The reason I did that, is that the foam underneath, I'm just gonna cut a hole in it and that's where I'll put the actual power supply. And I don't use a tablet but if I did it could go back here if you want it. Or underneath, there's actually another piece of foam at the very bottom. so it goes from a skinny piece of foam, thick piece of foam and then the second thick piece of foam. And that's what you get, pretty sweet.

Alright, I'm gonna put a link in the description where I bought this case is Canada you can check out the store, and I am also gonna put a link to Amazon because I'm sure they sell this case on Amazon. It might be more expensive on Amazon but who knows.

So check out the links below if you are interested in a case like this, an orange one for your Autel EVO. Thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up, and i'll catch you in the next video. Oh and one last thing, just like the other cases I own, I always put the GoPro sticker on it. So there we go, we have the GoPro sticker on my nice little Autel case. I shall gonna put our Autel sticker here too.


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