Nanuk 908 Hard Case Video Review

 Hi, guys, this is David from Hardcases. Let me show you the Nanuk 908

Nanuk 908 Hard Case Video Review

Alright, guys so this is the Nanuk 908 this is the new case that came out early or late 2017 actually. This case is the same size on the width or length as the 905 or pretty much but it got a deeper bottom as you can see. It's almost double.

 Nanuk 908 Hard Case Depth Review

And we did this because now, you can put the lens like staying on top like this instead of putting them flat on their sides. You can also use like DSLRs with these battery packs underneath so they can up inside the case.

 Nanuk 908 Hard Case Power Latches

It's got those power claw latches, they are like double claw latch that you've seen on the other Nanuk Cases. They are really strong, if you drop the case they won't open. They won't snap your fingers or break your nails.

Nanuk 908 Hard Case Handle

The 908 has a nice over molded handle here. So its an anti-slip kind of handle so it's really comfortable. It's thick so it feels great in the hand.

Nanuk 908 Hard Case with Shoulder Strap

You have these stainless steel rods on the side here so you can attach one of our shoulder straps and then carry the cases on your side.

Nanuk 908 Hard Case TSA Padlock Holes

You have also metal stainless steel eyelids here so if you have a TSA padlock that we sell on the website, you can use those here. and there they won't cut through the plastic.

 Nanuk 908 Hard Case Stackable

Another great feature is that these cases have these little legs underneath so they are easily stackable and I've stacked them with my 905 because they pretty much have the same pattern on top so they fit well together. 

Inside the case, in this particular one, we have the cubed foams right now. So you have two levels of cubed foams. You have an option of empty case, cubed foams or padded dividers.

Nanuk 908 with Padded Dividers

If you have a lens to put in there, I would suggest getting the padded dividers because it is nice if you change lens or getting more or less or change your cameras and gears, a padded divider is much more versatile than cubed foams.

Nanuk 908 Hard Case Interior

Remember, just a note, if you're trying to figure out the sizing here, you always have like 0.9 inch around that your losing. So same thing for the padded dividers like its 3/4 of an inch actually that you're losing inside the case.

This is a really tough and shockproof case. It's nice and small and you can put a lot of gear in there with the new depth. 

So if you have any questions, you can check and check out all the colors we have in the 908. It's a really nice new addition to the Nanuk collection. Thank you!