Nanuk 909 Classic Pistol Case Review

Howdy folks! This is Joe of The Hunting Gear Guy, and this is the Nanuk 909 pistol case. It’s a single pistol case made for Canada, made in Canada and it’s I think the best solution for a Canadian that will need to carry around a pistol and have some durability to it so you’re not going to be too scared of it, either getting wet or dirty or anything like that.

Nanuk 909 in Yellow

This is literally like the case, strong enough that you could throw it in the back of a pick-up truck and your pistols not gonna get dirty or dusty on the way over.

Nanuk 909 Hard Case in Yellow

So, here’s the top side of the case. One thing I’m gonna show you guys, it’s got these latches on here - they’re locking latches, they won’t open unless you pull down on these little unlockers there and then it’ll unlatch.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case in Yellow - Latches

Here too, we’ve got two loops here for locks and they are nice and thin so there’s you're able to get a lock like most locks in there which is kind of nice. And then when you open it up, you see why it’s a Canadian pistol case, so you can see we’ve got a spot for two of the skinnier mags that’s because this is the classic this is made for the 1911 so you can fit two skinny mags or one double stack mag.

I’m not putting any mags in here because I go to competitions, I carry five mags- what’s the point of having just one mag in my case? None so, I keep them separated.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case in Yellow - Lock Holes

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case Foam

The Canadian thing is this space here for the little lock to go, the trigger lock, now you can use those little daily ones that use as a key like this but these are slow and kind of a pain in the butt - I don’t really like them, I prefer a combo lock that you can quickly unlock if you need to.

And in a case like, a normal case this lock is actually so wide that you can’t close like a Glock case, you can’t close on something like this. The only factory case I have that’s even close as my shadow two cases and even it bulges at the middle because of this lock.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case in Yellow Custom Cut Foam

Well, with this guy you don’t have to worry because this cutout here is perfect for either like that or like that so you can pop her in there quite easily. So with this case in particular, I cut it out for - because this is again designed for 1911 I am going to use it for 1911 and other guns and many of my guns have a mag well on it, I kind of chewed out this bottom area here for a mag well and I popped in a little bit of here for a site. So, here I will show you what us, Canadians, are subject to.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case in Yellow

So, Canadians have to lock the pistols and lock the case when in transport. So, there’s my pistol in the case and you can see here with this guy, it likes to be just a little bit towards where the trigger is and that’s that.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case in Yellow with Lock

So, for Canadian, this is kind of what we got to do, we got a locker, our pistols up, roll the combo over, close it up and then lock it at the corners and that’s what we’ve got to deal with. Now, in terms of padding - this is very well padded. You can see there that the pistol is very firmly held in here, it’s not loose foam like the top lid here is quite loose, plushy foam; the bottom here is sealed foam and this should not hold moisture as well and it’s quite a bit stiffer right?

So the pistol is being held in here, this box could get dropped and it’s not going to move a heck of a lot in here, it’s just gonna move just a little bit towards some of the insides of this foam here and that’s what we want.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case Lid

So, this thing’s gonna handle quite a bit of abuse. The other thing that’s good is that it’s got a seal along the upper rim here, that kind of interfaces down with this plastic lip at the bottom here.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case in Yellow - IP67 Rated

Now, this case is rate ip67 - the six (6) means basically dust isn’t getting in and you can see that from the way it’s constructed with this lip over here and that seal that we know is on the inside.

Yeah, you’re not gonna get any dust in there so we’re dustproof here. The seven (7) is about the water-resistance of it, some of these cases are just water-resistant, some of them are water-proof.

Seven is you can put it about 1 meter deep so I would consider that water-proof, you’re gonna be able to dunk this thing and just from the weight of it even with a pistol in there, it’s gonna be hard to sink, it’s actually gonna want to float so that should help it as well. I opted for a nice bright color because I’ve got a bunch of black pistol cases and I needed something that sticks out for the one that I would take to pistol competitions.

The other thing I like about this Nanuk cases, I did this with the smaller 330 whatever is that the stickers actually come off so the stickers are made to actually come off. There’s a little bit of water there because I had immersed this thing in water but the stickers won’t rip off and leave like little chunks behind there - nice, high-quality ones that come off.


Nanuk 909 Pistol Case in Yellow

So, very cool, very high durability pistol case and I think it’s sized right as well - it’s about as thin as you can get with having still again that protection and the ability again to run a combo trigger lock on that thing. It could be like a little bit skinnier here but what are we talking like maybe, like an inch, maybe.

Nanuk 909 Pistol Case

Widthwise, you’re not really gonna get a whole heck of a lot else out and top to bottom it’s about as small as it as you’ want to get it. So, in terms of getting a high-quality case that you can kind of chuck in the back of your car and not have to worry about your pistol inside, the Nanuk 909 is definitely nice.

Now, the other thing to consider is that the prices and all that bad either for a case that’s made in Canada, I got this guy for 75 bucks and this guy here it was 49 and this is the let’s back it up here, this is it’s quite a bit bigger, it’s the maximum waterproof case and it’s huge compared to the Nanuk.

Here let’s get my camera a little bit, it’s not only bigger at the back it’s also quite a bit wider than the Nanuk, as well and I could not really cut the foam in here to make it conveniently fir 2 pistols, you can get 2 pistols in this case if you stack them with some foam in between them - it’s not gonna offer the amount of protection as that other one is, but you can do it, if you want to.

For my money, for like just a little bit more, this was a better choice, in my opinion, A.) it’s not black so I get to throw it in my closet and it looks a little bit different and B.) it fits my gun so nicely, you saw there like once it’s in there it’s a very firm fir to it I’ll probably shaking this from the camera around as I’m doing that but it’s not moving in there and closed up this pistol is not moving, so that’s good because this case looks durable.

I’m not gonna like to drag it around by it behind a pick-up truck or anything like that but it looks pretty durable and it looks like I’m not gonna have to worry about that pistol inside. So, when I’m not three-gunning and I’m doing some pistol competition, this is definitely the case I’m going to use to haul around my shadow so I think it’s gonna be the shadow to most of the time, maybe 1911 - I don’t know I’ll figure it out.

Anyways, thanks for watching. 

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