Nanuk 915 Hard Case Video Review


Hey guys. This is David from Hard Cases.

Let me show you the Nanuk 915.

Nanuk 915 Power Claw

This is Nanuk 915. Nanuk 915 comes with two power claw, trademarked by Nanuk. These are dual clamps, so basically they stay down. They won't snap your finger.

These are actually really strong and they won't open if the case is dropped on the ground. You have a snap-in system where the handle won't flip up either, so if the case is shaken around, the handle won't move.

Nanuk 915 Eyelets

You have two eyelets here for TSA lock that you can get in there, add on to it.

Nanuk 915 TSA Lockable

These are locks that will be easily opened by the TSA agents, so they won't cut your locks.

Nanuk 915 Stackable

The case is stackable. You have these little shapes here that fit exactly like the bottom part right here.

Nanuk 915 Inside Foams

Basically, when you open up the case, Nanuk 915 comes either with cubed foams, padded dividers, and you also have the lid foam, which is the eggshell crate foam. This one will come with two layers of foams and also a base pad at the bottom of the case.

Nanuk 915 Foams


All foams are made with those pre-scored cubes, so you basically can just go in there and start doing your shapes with your own fingers. You keep your shapes straight and square, and you'll have some perfect spaces for your gear.

Nanuk 915 Easy to customize foams