Nanuk Case Review by Arden Shibley of Yellowhouse Aerial


Hey folks! My name is Arden Shibley. I am a photographer, drone pilot and digital loader based in Calgary Alberta - basically, that means I fly drones and offload footage for professional film sets for a living.

Arden from Yellowhouse Aerial

Today, I’m going to talk to you guys a little bit about Nanuk cases. In total, we have six Nanuk cases -

Nanuk 908 hard case

This 908 holds some hard-drive enclosures.

Nanuk 915 Hard Case Review

A 915 here holds some monitors, their batteries and drone lenses.

Nanuk 923 Hard Case Review

And then this 923 well, it’s a little bit heavier when it’s full, it handles all of our batteries and our chargers.

Nanuk 923 with Cut to Fit Foam

So if we open this up, take a look, so we got batteries across the top, if they are showing their connectors, they are dead and if they are not, they are full. We have chargers down here on the left-hand side, some lenses and the charging hubs that allow us to charge these batteries.

Nanuk 923 Hard Case Custom Foam

So this holds one, two, three, four, five if I wanted to, I could take out some foam and hold up to twelve, basically because they’re in pairs - 12 DJI TB 50 batteries for the inspire 2.

Nanuk 923 Hard Case custom set up

So you can see some of these items protrude here, so if you don’t want too high of a case to hold something you can actually get away with taking out the egg crate foam and just replacing it with a thin piece of foam or sometimes depending on what you’re transporting, even just no foam at all.

So obviously we have a lot of different types of gear and these pieces of gear don’t come with any safe way to transport them, so different sizes of Nanuk cases allow us to have a different case for each need.

Nanuk Hard Case Power Claw

I’m reminded of my favorite Nanuk feature every time I have to open the case that doesn’t have power claw latches - trying to do this, when you work in Canada and your fingers are cold, that just hurts it just sucks whereas the power claw latches provide a really satisfying tension and a good snap that lets you know that they’re closed.

Nanuk 908 Hard Case

I’d say Nanuk cases are best for anybody who has oddly-shaped or specific gear that needs a home for transport and protection. I always go with the pick-and-pluck foam and I’m still very happy with them, I haven’t had any problems even after some of these cases having years of use.

Lastly, out of photography gear, maybe anything for cinematography or even anything electronics-related, how many products can you really say are made in Canada?

Because these Nanuk cases are, that’s really awesome and it’s one of the many reasons that we have six of them. I would recommend one if you’re thinking about picking one up. Thank you for watching this. My name is Arden from Yellowhouse Aerial, you can find us on Twitter @houseyellowhouse or find our other videos on YouTube.